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With so many companies vying for your website development business, it's essential to choose the right place to design your website, and that is JY Sites! We take pride in not only building the website you want and need, but establishing a relationship with each client so they know they can count on us to take care of them, now and in the future.

So you are ready for your very own website. What is the upcoming process that you can be prepared to face?

  • Meeting to discuss ideas, requirements, content, and brand. These meetings are how we visualize what you are trying to accomplish.
  • Designing of the site. This is where we begin to layout the design of your site, and develop a plan for site construction, and costs for the client.
  • Once we are all on board with the design plan, time frame, and costs, it's time to now begin coding the site.
  • Final coding changes, revisions, content changes occur at this stage. It's almost time to launch!
  • Website Launch is next. It is the most exciting and rewarding part of the journey!

Here at JY Sites, we take pride in servicing all of our clients needs. In most cases, we view a website as never being "finished". Whether its a minor tweak, an addition of staff to add to the website, periodic sales, there are a vast array of things that change over time that warrant your site being updated.

We are here for you for the long haul. We are not a company that designs your site and leaves forever. We will always be here to give you the service you need.

Meet our JY Sites team!

Jason is the lead developer, as well as lead project manager for our projects. He works diligently with our security, marketing, and design teams to ensure that we put forth the best effort in communication with the client as well as project end result, all while keeping every project cost effective to the client, while keeping the price tag low.
Derek is the lead marketer for JY Sites. He has a wealth of knowledge in community based organizations, and is well known the LSU and Louisiana Sports scene.
We have a design team that we are very proud to have on board. Prior experience include dealing with various businesses; along with NFL teams & college schools in designing sports related merchandise, apparral, and graphics. Let us design that logo, brochure, or event flyer that you have upcoming, with results sure to be eye catching!

Here is a portion of the services we provide

Website Design

We will work together with you to strategize ideas, concepts, and vision to get you the website that will not only meet your satisfaction, but help you stand out among others.

Social Media Integration

Let JY Sites setup, configure, and integrate social media accounts with your websites to increase sales and website visitor traffic.

Logo Design

Our design team has prior experience working with college and pro teams. Let us design your logo to help you make a lasting impression.

Web Hosting

Protected by the latest encryption, and housed in a redundant data center, your website will have an uptime of over 99%!

Ecommerce Websites

Make your goods and services available for purchase directly from your website. Let us help you increase your sales volume by having a solid web presence.

Responsive Website Design

Your new website must be responsive to render properly, look clean, and be easy to navigate on all devices; desktop, tablet, and phones.

Mobile friendly layouts

Users are more and more reliant on their mobile devices. Your website must be mobile friendly in today's technological climate.

Cloud Based Hosting

Maximize your website's uptime by hosting your site with us in the cloud.

Let's Work Together On Your Project!


Here is some of our previous work

Client Testimonials

Corey Webster Foundation

Corey Webster NFL Super Bowl Champion

Bayou Bengals Insider

Derek Ponamsky BBI

Kid Rid

Stevan Ridley NFL Super Bowl Champion

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